Identification of Fake News Articles Using NLP Methods

This project is using a dataset published by Signal Media in conjunction with the Recent Trends in News Information Retrieval 2016 conference to facilitate conducting research on news articles. We use to distinguish between ‘legitimate’ and ‘fake’ news sources.

Police Misconduct Investigations in Chicago

Evaluating the predictive power of complainant demographic data for predicting the outcome of police misconduct complaints in Chicago.

Analyzing New York City Taxi Data - a MapReduce approach

Understand the taxi transportation dynamics for New York City (NYC) and how has it been impacted by Uber with the purpose of creating a more informed policy-making regarding mobility in NYC.

Beyond Transparency - Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation

Co-edited (with Chicago’s first Chief Data Officer Brett Goldstein) Beyond Transparency (2013), an anthology about the impact of open data on civic engagement. Beyond Transparency was a #1 best seller on in Local U.S. Politics.